Professional video-makers want real sounds. Vital. Original. Intense. Unexpected. They know that contemporary life bombards us with images, an avalanche of visual stimulus. If you want your pictures to matter, you need to compel more than just the eyes.

Better Way Records is a new concept in music licensing, created by a group of music makers and music lovers who also happen to be licensing professionals. Our aim is to partner with songwriters, composers, bands, and labels from all over the world to create an entirely new sonic palette for content makers.

We've built, and are growing, a bold and considered collection of music that strikes out in directions not often seen in the world of licensed music. If you make video content, we're here to give you a new set of options. If you make music, we want you to have another avenue to make a living from your work.

We look forward to working with you.

For licensing enquiries and access to music, please contact


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